Power Women 60 Second Trailer

12 months ago

60 second motion graphic trailer for "Power Womnn With Class" on Mortgage News Network. All work done in Adobe After Effects and Adobe...


Homeownership Heroes Intro

2 years ago

Created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. This short clip was created in an afternoon....


Power Women 2018

2 years ago

This is a sample of a full length news series, centered on the most influential women in the mortgage business. Produced by Michael...


Purchase Bootcamp Miami 2018

2 years ago

Promotional web spot created for Ron Vaimberg International / NMPU. A mortgage sales coaching company, based in New York....


Little Saint Nick

3 years ago

Directed and Produced by: Michael Brown - SoFroNo Media Edited by: Brandon Sentnor, Michael Brown - SoFroNo Media Videography: Michael...

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